In September 2014, the Mid Murray Council, Adelaide Plains Council (previously District Council of Mallala), Light Regional Council, The Barossa Council and Town of Gawler entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to form an alliance known as the Barossa Regional Procurement Group.

The alliance seeks to benefit from economies of scale, increase the range and quality of services and, where possible, reduce the cost of services to ratepayers through a consultative and collaborative approach.

The aims of the Barossa Regional Procurement Group are to:
  • Enhance the local economy, where possible, of the member Councils
  • Improve individual internal processes for compliance, probity and efficiencies
  • Standardise tender, quotation, contract and WHS documents and contractor induction processes utilised by Council’s within the Group to reduce duplication of effort and the regulatory burden on suppliers
  • Provide cost savings and efficiencies with operational expenditure, and
  • Provide cost savings, efficiencies and improved delivery of capital expenditure.

Each Council is represented on the Barossa Regional Procurement Group by relevant Officers who collaborate to facilitate a joint approach to the market, selection of successful suppliers and the management of contract signing, induction and contractor monitoring requirements.

A number of Barossa Regional Procurement Group coordinated tenders have been called to date.  For a list of current and completed tenders facilitated by the Barossa Regional Procurement Group please refer to the Barossa Regional Procurement Group Tender Register provided under the Tenders section.


Please note that the Barossa Regional Procurement Group is not a legal entity in its own right. As such, at the culmination of each procurement activity, successful suppliers are engaged via a contract or relevant agreement with each individual Council.