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Tender Release: Local Government Association Procurement (LGAP) – Bitumen & Minor Civil Works Panel.

This tender includes Minor Civil, Horticulture and Arboriculture Works across the following service categories:

  1. Bitumen
  2. Kerbing & Watertable
  3. Local Road Maintenance
  4. Pits & Drainage Structures
  5. Footpath – Construction, Repairs and/or Maintenance
  6. Line Marking
  7. Quarry Supplies
  8. Tree Services
  9. Mowing of Verges, Reserve, Ovals, Parks and Roadsides etc
  10. Recycled Products
  11. Landscape Maintenance
  12. Weed Management
  13. Services Location and Identification
  14. Cemetery Works
  15. Other: including Innovative Services

The SA Tenders and Contracts link is:

The LGAP ‘Bitumen & Minor Civil Works’ tender reference is: LGCS045083

The LGAP tender closing date is: 2:00pm Adelaide time 17 May 2019

The LGAP Bitumen & Minor Civil Works Panel is being established for all South Australian Councils to utilise and will replace the current Barossa Regional Procurement Group panels being:-

  • Minor Civil Work Panel.
  • Horticulture/Arboriculture Services Panel.

Tenderers are required to indicate the regions that they are prepared to provide services. Please note below, the LGAP regions which align to the BRPG partner Councils are:

LGA Region BRPG partner Council
Metropolitan Adelaide Town of Gawler
Central Local Government Region The Barossa,
Light Regional and,
Adelaide Plains Councils
Murray & Mallee Local Government Region Mid Murray Council

The LGAP and BRPG have held an information session on this tender.

As per below details:

Date: Wednesday 1st May 2019

Time: 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Location: The Gawler Sport and Community Centre, 7 Nixon Terrace, Gawler.

Presentations from this session are below:

  1. BRPG introduction presentation to NEW Bitumen and Minor Civil Works Panel contractor information session (01052019)
  2. LGAP presentation to NEW Bitumen and Minor Civil Works Panel contract (01052019)

For more information please contact LGAP – Procurement Specialist facilitating this panel, contact details below:

Diane Harris: